Scarf, "Lessons for Birds"

Scarf, "Lessons for Birds"

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This scarf is named Lessons for Birds. This collage is featured in my book, Bright Illuminations. Rheta Grimsley Johnson wrote a wonderful poem about this image.

I spent my childhood in a tree.That's why this art appeals to me.High above ground I was something rare.A girl on a limb with long dark hair.The man in the moon would listen to me As would the squirrels, an occasional bee. A rapt wren, an attentive jay All chirping approval as I had my say. An audience for your stories is divine. I'm still climbing trees, looking for mine. Rheta Grimsley Johnson

This scarf will help you communicate with our feathered friends. Keep climbing those trees!

All scarves are 16"x 68"

96% Polyester, 4% Elastane