Tunic, "Fungi, really Lichen" (Medium,ExLarge)

Tunic, "Fungi, really Lichen" (Medium,ExLarge)

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This Tunic is called Fungi. The image comes from a photo I made. My plant friends told me that this is a photo of Lichen. Looking up the terms I learned that Lichens are a complex life form that is a symbiotic partnership of two separate organisms, a fungus and an alga. The dominate partner is the fungus.

The image of Fungi or Lichen, which ever you prefer, makes a beautiful and unique garment.

Sizes:Small: sizes 4-6, Medium: size 8, Large: Sizes 10-12, ExLarge: Sizes 12-14

96% Polyester, 4% Elastane  

Machine wash Cold. Dark colors separately. Do not Bleach. Hang Dry. Low Iron