Women's T-Shirt, "Lessons for Birds" (Large)

Women's T-Shirt, "Lessons for Birds" (Large)

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Lessons for Birds is the name of this shirt. 

Rheta Grimsley Johnson wrote a poem about this image in my book, Bright illuminations.

I spent my childhood in a tree.That's why this art appeals to me.High above ground I was something rare.A girl on a limb with long dark hair.The man in the moon would listen to me As would the squirrels, an occasional bee. A rapt wren, an attentive jay All chirping approval as I had my say. An audience for your stories is divine. I'm still climbing trees, looking for mine. Rheta Grimsley Johnson

You can always climb trees in this T-Shirt.

Sizes:Small: sizes 4-6, Medium: size 8, Large: Sizes 10-12, ExLarge: Sizes 12-14

96% Polyester, 4% Elastane  

Machine wash Cold. Dark colors separately. Do not Bleach. Hang Dry. Low Iron